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Tandem Coaching Academy Coaching

ICF Credentials Explained

ICF became a de facto golden standard of coach training, credentialling and certification. If you are an aspiring coach who wants to work with individual, teams, and organizations, or want to start your own coaching business, you should be seriously considering getting credentialed by ICF as a way to stand out in this overcrowded field.

The Relationship Agreement Coaching

ICF Core Competencies: The Relationship Agreement

The last article introduced the use of the STORMMES Model © in co-creating the relationship agreement with the client. In this article, we take a closer look at competency 3 Establishes and Maintains Agreements.

The first three competency markers in this section help us to understand what a good relationship agreement contains.

Direct Communication in Coaching Sessions Coaching

Direct Communication in Coaching

Many think that coaching is all about asking powerful questions. That is an incorrect assumption. Coach there to help the client in whichever way available to gain new awareness. Direct communication is the key.

Transformational Questions in Coaching Coaching

The transformational factor in coaching

Why do we say that coaching can be transformational? As coaches, are we transforming the people we work with? What is actually the transformational factor in a coaching session? Asking the right questions.

Hiring in the Virtualized World Agile

Hiring in the Virtualized World

Karen Bruns, an ICAgile AHR Instructor, shares her thoughts on the hiring in the virtualized world and how ICAgile class can help

TCA Textbook - ICF Core Competencies - Co-Creating the Relationship Coaching

ICF Core Competencies: Co-Creating the Relationship

With the release of the new Core Competency Model, ICF has taken an expanded approach to competency in co-creating the coaching relationship with the client. In the new model, section B focuses on three competencies needed to properly co-create the relationship with the client:

3. Establishes and Maintains Agreements
4. Cultivates Trust and Safety
5. Maintains Presence
Here we are covering these competencies.

Shu Ha Ri of Professional Coaching AgileCoachingScrum

Shu Ha Ri of Professional Coaching

Shu-Ha-Ri is a well-known concept in the Agile and Scrum worlds. Have you thought it is also applied to the world of Professional Coaching?

ICF Core Competencies - Cultural Awareness Coaching

ICF Core Competencies: Cultural Awareness

In this article of the series we are looking at the importance of recognizing and demonstrating cultural awareness in coaching practice.

House Of Scrum AgileScrum

The House of Scrum

House of Scrum is a metaphor Alex Kudinov uses to explain the fundamentals of the Scrum Framework solve complex and adaptive problems.

Coaching Mindset Self-Development Coaching

Coaching Mindset Self-Development

The stronger you grow in your experience of coaching the better coach you will be to serve your clients. This growth mindset will show up in your coaching because you will become more flexible, creative, and relational.

Coaching Skills for Agilists AgileCoachingScrum

Coaching Skills for Agilists

Cherie Silas and I discuss the importance of professional coaching skills for Agilists. In short – they are paramountly important.

If you want to up your coaching game – our next Coaching in Agile Environments program cohorts are starting in July. Check it out and sign up!

First Revelations of a Global Time-Out Other

First Revelations of a Global Time-Out

As a consultant, I have been constantly worried about staying employed during our global pandemic and how I am going to care for my just-turned-seven-years-old son while his school and daycare are shut down. I’m youngish with too much self-inflation, but too distracted to unpack that much past writing a blog sentence or three. These are my thoughts about work, food, and some important things I missed.