Blog: Keeping Agile Non-Denominational

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Let's Talk Coaching Business with Cornelia Shipley CoachingPodcast

Let’s Talk Coaching Business with Cornelia Shipley

Are you running your business or working for it? What does it take to build a successful coaching business? What obstacles should you expect and how Cornelia, a successful entrepreneur, overcame those? All of this and more.

Coaching through Infertility with Pradeepa Narayanaswamy CoachingPodcast

Coaching through Infertility with Pradeepa Narayanaswamy

Miscarriage is a loss-why should it be treated like any other loss? Right now it’s not – in most organizations. What kind of support and conversations that can be had in organizations to clear the taboo about infertility? How can a manager have a conversation or support someone in their team going through infertility? As a colleague or friend, how can you support someone with infertility? When you meet someone new in your organization, here is a question you don’t ask.

Co-creating Strategic Shifts with Coaching with Karl Van Hoey CoachingLeadershipPodcast

Co-creating Strategic Shifts with Coaching with Karl Van Hoey

Coaching is an awesome instrument to engage in a co-creative process allowing to make strategic shifts in business-turmoil. In this episode we touch upon how coaching and co-creation can – even in deep crisis – be more effective and sustainable than typical “crisis” management; how coaching brings more innovation to strategic thinking and what is needed to stand open for an entire new business model.

Reflective Supervision: Coaching for Coaches with Cherie Silas CoachingPodcast

Reflective Supervision: Coaching for Coaches with Cherie Silas

In this episode Cherie Silas is talking about Reflective Coaching Supervision practice and how it can help professional and agile coaches to take their craft to the next level.

Leaders Are Coaches Too with Tricia Broderick AgileCoachingLeadership

Leaders Are Coaches Too with Tricia Broderick

Coaching is a word with so many misunderstood meanings and implementations. Unfortunately and fortunately, there is no single way to coach. What is now abundantly obvious is that coaching is a valuable skill for more professionals beyond Agile coaches. Turns out there is an answer to how leaders can create, enable and maintain high-performing teams, they leverage professional coaching in their leadership delivery. We are discussing and examining the link between quality leaders and professional coaching.

Agile HR Hiring HRVideo

What Does Agile HR Hiring Look Like?

Lucia Baldelli and Karen Bruns discuss how hiring – one of the main HR functions changes for the better in the agile ways.

HR Suppoting Employees the Agile Way HRVideo

Supporting Employees The Agile Way

Lucia Baldelli and Karen Bruns are talking about how HR professionals can understand the employee’s perspective of the workplace. More importantly how they can understand and realize what we want their perspective to be.

Agile HR Manifesto Video

Agile HR Manifesto

Agile Manifesto that we’ve all come to know and love does talk about the people piece. However, the Agile for HR manifesto takes it a little bit deeper. It takes a look at things like collaborative networks, transparency, adaptability, inspiration, and engagement, intrinsic motivation and ambition.

Agile HR - What's Agile HR Video

What Does Agile HR Mean?

What’s the HR role in agility, in shaping agility, for an organization and there’s a few examples that maybe we could discuss together, Karen, on what HR could do differently to help improve the agility of an organization.

Professional Coaching Skills for Agile coaches Uncategorized

Professional Coaching Skills for Agile Coaches

We interviewed one of our past student, Christine Thompson, and asked her a few questions about agile coaching and professional coaching, and how professional coaching skills help her as an agile coach in her daily life.

ICF Core Competencies - Client Coach Partnership Coaching

ICF Core Competencies: Partnering With Client For Success

The last few articles introduced concepts and International Coach Federation core competencies in co-creating the coach client relationship and building a strong coaching agreement with the client. In this article, we inspect another ICF core competency – Establishes and Maintains Agreements. We will also discuss the ways to make sure you and the client are appropriately matched before committing to a coaching relationship.

Tandem Coaching Academy Coaching

ICF Certification Explained

ICF became a de facto gold standard of coach training, credentialing and certification. If you are an aspiring coach who wants to work with individuals, teams, and organizations, or want to start your own coaching business, you should be seriously considering getting certified by ICF as a way to stand out in this overcrowded field.