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First Revelations of a Global Time-Out

First Revelations of a Global Time-Out

As a consultant, I have been constantly worried about staying employed during our global pandemic and how I am going to care for my just-turned-seven-years-old son while his school and daycare are shut down. I’m youngish with too much self-inflation, but too distracted to unpack that much past writing a blog sentence or three. These are my thoughts about work, food, and some important things I missed.

NLP Techniques: It's about the Influence

NLP Techniques: It is About the Influence

While NLP presuppositions are quite fascinating in their clarity and precision on their own, try to beat “The map is not the territory,” the true power comes from the understanding of how intertwined and interdependent they are.

People in Streets

Introverts, Extroverts, Ambiverts – How Life Affects Us Differently

Three very different people types: extroverts, introverts and the very little known ambivert. I find that people have great misconceptions about what people with these three personality types can and cannot do. In general, I hear comments that extroverts do outgoing jobs that involve people and they are very successful, introverts don’t play well with others and they hide in closets, and ambiverts…what’s that?

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7 Tips for Delivering an Engaging Conference Presentation

As a consultant one of the things that I enjoy most is speaking at conferences to help people gain knowledge about various topics that they can take back to their workplaces and implement.
Often, after a session, people will ask for tips about how they can become better speakers. So, I thought I’d use this blog to give some of the tips I often give them…

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The Language of Appreciation in the Workplace

I’m a consultant.  Working with one of my current clients as an enterprise agile coach I’ve been thinking a lot about the impact that appreciation has on an organization’s success.  As an enterprise coach I am responsible for, on average, 40 teams.  (Read my last post on “Scaling the Agile Coach” to find out how I’ve been able to successfully scale this role to be able to coach this many teams.)