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Three Books Every Coach Must Read
Book Review

3 Books Every Coach Must Read

Whether you are an experienced executive coach, or a starting life coach, or an aspiring career coach, there is a book that claims to be a fantastic resource to launch your careers to the next level.
Here are some excellent books that helped me in my professional and career development as a professional coach. Neither of these is an advanced coaching book that will teach you some sacral coaching knowledge and will propel you and your coaching career to the stardom. However, if you have time and patience to grab a concept here, and a tidbit there, you will be on your way to becoming and masterful coach and a successful person.

Book Review

The Humble, The Hungry, The Smart: Beyond “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team”

Building (and hiring) a great team takes time and effort. Patrick Lencioni’s “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team” became a staple reading in an Agile community these days. And for a good reason. Agile ways of working are all about teamwork. A self-organizing and cross-functional team is in the heart of the Scrum framework. In the book, the author cites the following 5 dysfunctions:

Lack of Trust due to invulnerability
fear of conflict to preserve artificial harmony
lack of commitment leading to ambiguity
avoidance of accountability amongst the team members and consequent lowering of the standards, and the pinnacle of it all
inattention to collective results due to self-serving behaviors.