Month: July 2020

TCA Textbook - ICF Core Competencies - Co-Creating the Relationship

ICF Core Competencies: Co-Creating the Relationship

With the release of the new Core Competency Model, ICF has taken an expanded approach to competency in co-creating the coaching relationship with the client. In the new model, section B focuses on three competencies needed to properly co-create the relationship with the client:

3. Establishes and Maintains Agreements
4. Cultivates Trust and Safety
5. Maintains Presence
Here we are covering these competencies.

On Scrum Mastery - Best Agile Articles Online Conference - Ewan O'Leary

On Scrum Mastering

Best Agile Articles Conference is a Quarterly event where Best of the Best Authors share their wisdom. We were thrilled to host Ewan O’Leary.

Coaching Random Thoughts

What Is Stopping You?

As coaches, we ask a lot of questions. Some are good, some are not so much. Some are open, some are closed. Some are transactional, some a transformational. In this episode of the Coaching Random Thoughts, Alex Kudinov explores the omnipresent “What is Stopping You?” question and discusses some better alternatives.

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