What Does Agile HR Hiring Look Like?

by Alex Kudinov

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Lucia Baldelli  Good morning, afternoon, evening, everyone. I’m here with my partner in crime Karen to talk about Agile HR again for the fourth week. What’s our topic for today, Karen?

Karen Bruns  Well, today, I’m really excited to talk about hiring in an agile organization. I was recently facilitating a meeting when an executive told his staff, half of whom were all off camera in this virtual world, that 70% of all communication is nonverbal. And the fact that we’re all virtual now means that we really need to have our cameras on whenever possible. People have really strong feelings, though, about cameras being turned on but even hiring is virtual now. So Lucia, if you were the interviewer, and I was the potential candidate, how could you get a real sense of my character and the essence of who I am? If I showed up to the interview like this?

Lucia Baldelli  Oh, that will be horrible and I would probably invite you to turn your camera on.

Karen Bruns  Right, exactly! So now you can get a better sense of who I am. The same, though, is true for the interviewing organization. Mid last year, I was in two interviews with potential clients, and both of them had their cameras off. So I thought to myself, how am I going to get a sense of who the company is? So I asked them to turn their cameras on as well.

Lucia Baldelli  Yeah, of course, otherwise, you don’t really get the experience and we don’t know each other, right? So it’s very, very difficult to have a conversation with someone you don’t know without eye contact.

Karen Bruns  Right? You can’t tell if that pause is a freeze. You can’t tell if that pause is disagreement or shock; you can’t tell what it is. In our last video Lucia, you introduced the concept of creating an empathy map, a collaborative visualization tool that’s used to articulate what we know about a particular type of employee, but in the case of hiring, you’ll also want to know some things about the type of person you want working in your organization and this information can feed directly into your people strategy, and it helps inform how you go about hiring. Once you’ve decided on what type of cultural fit you want to solicit, there’s many inexpensive ways to create a winning video that can draw the viewer in but videos used to draw the viewer in are also culture-dependent. So it’s important to remember that what your organization chooses to show in the video needs to be the reality not to someday dream of what could be.

Lucia Baldelli  Well, I guess these are just a couple of ideas that we could do, we could bring to our organizations, to get the right people in the door. I guess if you want to know more, there’s going to be a lot more during our Agile HR class. See you there. Thank you, Karen.

Karen Bruns  Thank you. Bye. See you next time.

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