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Leadership of Chaos - Philippe Guenet baa conferencebaa2018Leadership

Leadership Of Chaos – Accelerating Change through COVID

The past decade of Digital change has been one of disruption. Uncertainty, VUCA, Complexity have emerged as new concepts in business. Leadership had to adapt, notably with agility. But who would have predicted what happened in 2020 and the pandemic? The world seems to have turned upside down in a matter of weeks. Change is inevitable, or businesses shut down. It is also a time to explore new possibilities. This talk will explore how good leadership through the crisis is in fact no more than great Agile leadership: Developing autonomy, promoting alignment, creating strategic clarity and keeping collaboration going by creating remote first working practices.

Coaching Tools & Tips - Savita Pahuja Coachingcoaching tools & tipsMeetup

Self Reflection as a Coach Development Tool

Savita Pahuja, CEC, ACC explains how the simple techniques and values can be used by yourself to reflect on your recent coaching conversation, which will help you come up with action items for self-growth.

Coaching Tools & Tips - Reflective Supervision for Coaches by Cherie Silas Coachingcoaching tools & tipsMeetup

Reflective Supervision for Coaches

Cherie Silas, MCC, CEC is introducing our Coaching Tools & Tips Meetup audience to the practice of reflective coaching supervision, that is dubbed as coaching for coaches.

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