Agile Coach University
Charting Your Own Path to Scrum Alliance CTC

All the Training, Knowledge, and Competencies
You Need to Become a Certified Team Coach

Tandem-Capala Agile Coach University is an all-inclusive Agile Coach development program facilitated by staff that are respected Scrum Alliance Certified Enterprise and Team Coaches, Certified and Professional Scrum Trainers, and International Coach Federation Credentialed coaches.

Each of our faculty has over a decade of experience coaching Agile organizations and leaders, and leading Agile adoptions. The program uses a variety of teaching methodologies to give you a practical coaching skills and deep knowledge needed to help organizations along their agile journey.

After successful completion of the program including learning, experience, and competency requirements, students will have everything they need to apply for Scrum Alliance Certified Team Coach via fast track application and for the International Coach Federation Associate Certified Coach (ICF ACC) credential.

Students will also earn multiple agile and coaching certifications.

Agile Coach University Accepts Applications for Summer and Fall 2021 Cohorts

Enrollment is open now for Summer and Fall 2021 cohorts. Your application will be carefully considered and after an interview with one of our staff, if admitted, you can start working on your customized development plan.

  • Agile Coaches interested in agile training and obtaining the Scrum Alliance Certified Team Coach designation
  • Coaches interested in pursuing a professional credential with the International Coaching Federation
  • Internal organizational coaches who want to gain an understanding of coaching tools and techniques and enhance their skillset
  • Managers and leaders who want to coach and develop their employees in agile environment
  • Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Project Managers, Agile Practitioners or technical people who want to enhance their skillset, learn agile techniques or level up to agile coach
  • Agile Coaches who want to learn to include professional coaching into their skillset
  • Professional Coaches who want to include wide-range agile coaching tools and techniques into their offerings

Agile Coach University Path to CTC program is divided into three semesters: pre-requisite agile knowledge, professional coaching skills and competencies, and agile coaching knowledge and competencies. Modules are delivered through a combination of live online virtual group learning, discussions, dyadic exercises and other interactive methods and independent studies.

Work with experienced industry guide level mentors weekly throughout the program as you learn and build competency. Timeline to completion is flexible with an average completion time for the entire program at 2 years.

Cohorts start 3-4 times a year. Specific dates are announced at least 6 months before the start of a semester.

Agile Coach University Semester One: Pre-Requisite Agile Knowledge

This semester covers the baseline learning objectives and certification requirements for agile coaches. Here you will learn agile key concepts Includes: CSM, A-CSM, CSP-SM, CSPO, A-CSPO, CSP-PO, plus technical concepts for agile coaches. Also includes ICAgile Coaching ICP-ACC and Facilitation ICP-ATF.


Agile Coach University Semester Two: Professional Coaching Competencies

This module focuses on the process of coaching and the core competencies of conducting a powerful coaching conversation. Participants will gain the required coach training and competency building for the ICF ACC or to level up to the ICF PCC. Includes ICF required Mentor Coaching and Coach Supervision.


Agile Coach University Semester Three: Agile Coaching Competencies

This module focuses on partnering with organizations to guide agile adoptions. Includes Scrum Alliance CAL-T, CAL-O, CAL-E, CAL-II, and ICAgile ICP-CAT (coaching agile transitions) and ICP-ENT (coaching the agile enterprise).

At Tandem-Capala Agile Coach University we understand that certification is important to you for your career progression. With that in mind we put together all the certifications you will get throughout the Path to CTC® program with ACU.

Check out all the certifications you will receive by completing the program

Application Fee: $300 includes session with one of our coaches to determine your best needs for your career aspirations. Roadmap to your final destination. Application fee is credited to your registration cost.

Payment Plans: We have multiple payment options to meet your financial needs.

  • Pay in full
  • Affirm 0% interest program (US students only)
  • Tandem-Capala University Payment Plans (Non-US and US Students)

Semester One - Pre-Requisite Agile Knowledge [up to $8,679]

Semester One intended to fill the education gap for newer agilists. Our students will gain basic understanding of key concepts and agile teams, leadership skills, and team development. The semester includes the following education and certifications: CSM, A-CSM, CSP-SM, CSPO, A-CSPO, CSP-PO, and ICAgile ICP-ATF, ICP-ACC plus technical concepts for agile coaches [Average Market Value $9,500].

Our career coaches will work with you to determine if this full semester is needed, if you can transfer in credits from another institution, or if you should purchase certain classes a-la-carte.


Semester Two - Professional Coaching Competencies [tuition $8,679]

This semester intended to fill the education and competency gap in the professional coaching skills needed to create sustainable change in organizations through agile. Here the students focus on learning and activities that help them to level up their interpersonal skills, learn professional coaching basic and advanced techniques, such as active listening, coaching for conflict resolution, coaching high-performance teams and individuals, and powerful questioning techniques to name a few. Students will also get involved in activities that will help them to become more proficient in ICF core coaching competencies, build mutual trust with their clients and coachees, and gain other coaching skills that are necessary for Agile, Lean, and management coaches alike. The semester includes a minimum of 70 hours of Approved Coach Specific Training Hours, coaching competency building and experience labs, self-paced learning content, group mentor coaching, individual mentor coaching, group supervision, individual supervision, Profile XT psychometric assessment with team and individual profiles, Genos emotional intelligence 360 assessment with full profile, Reciprocoach membership with eight guaranteed coach/client relationships. Full preparation for ICF ACC or upskill to PCC. [Average Market Value up to $17,000]


Semester Three: Agile Coaching Competencies [tuition $8.679]

This last semester is intended to fill the education and competency gap in the agile knowledge and coaching skills needed to create sustainable change in organizations through agile. Students will learn about core values of enterprise agile, fundamental concepts of enterprise agility, explore in-depth the concept of servant leadership, gain practical skills necessary for leading complex organization-wide agile projects and much more. The semester curriculum includes the following Certified Agile Leadership Courses: CAL-Teams, CAL-Organizations, CAL-Enterprises, CAL-2 Plus the ICAgile Coaching Agile Transitions (ICP-CAT) and Enterprises (ICP-ENT) [Average Market Value up to $14,000]

  • Our trainers and mentors are highly competent industry leaders in professional and agile coaching.
  • Our program is the only ICF Accredited Coach Training Program created and delivered by top ranking agile coaches for agile coaches
  • We are the first Scrum Alliance approved program in the industry who has a short path agreement with Scrum Alliance to ease the path to gaining the CTC. Candidates finishing our program who have met all education, competency, experience, and community participation, and mentoring requirements will receive a Graduate Certification of Demonstrated CTC Competence which enables you submit a short path to CTC application.
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