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House Of Scrum

The House of Scrum

House of Scrum is a metaphor Alex Kudinov uses to explain the fundamentals of the Scrum Framework solve complex and adaptive problems.

Sprint Length interview question

Weekly Scrum Interview Question – What is the Sprint Length?

This question “What is the duration of a Sprint” is seemingly simple, but depending on the interviewing situation, company, interviewer, and their familiarity with Scrum you might need to give them more or less details and answer additional questions your answer might bring up.

Acceptance Criteria -vs- Definition of Done

Do You Think You Are Done?

As a Professional Scrum Trainer for Scrum.org I get to think about the Definition of “Done” and its meaning a lot. In one of the Sprint Planning event the other week, a Product Owner asked an innocent question, “I need this small thing changed, how long that might take?” An answer followed almost immediately, “it’s just a couple of lines of code.” I heard that conversation many a time before and almost always it ended with, “of course we are going to get it done, no problem.”

To those kinds of exchanges, I always have a couple of questions. What exactly do you mean you will get it done? Do you know what getting done means? Quite often the responses are either an indignant, “of course we know what done means, we have been doing it for years, do you think us fools”. Sometimes I just get a blank stare, “what do you mean.”