Becoming A Scrum Alliance Coach – Personal Value

by Cherie Silas

In these videos brought to you by Scrum Alliance and its Agile Coaches they discuss what Scrum Alliance Coach is all about, what the benefits of becoming one are, and how you can start on that long journey.

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You decided to become a Scrum Alliance Coach, so what is in it for you personally?

Henry Dittmer 

What’s nice about the whole Scrum Alliance community in general, whether you’re a CSM, a CSPO, CSP, CEC, CTC, all those acronyms that we have running around, is the fact that there’s a lot of sharing and growth in that. When you get into the higher level certifications, something like a Certified Team Coach or Certified Enterprise Coach, there’s a different kind of sharing. There’s a different kind of knowledge that’s going on where it’s a really collaboration about how do we bring collectively this transformation to the world as opposed to competing with each other.

Angel Diaz-Maroto 

The journey to become a CEC is both extremely challenging and rewarding. It’s a continuous learning path, in which you will learn about yourself as a coach, about what are your strengths, what are your limits, and what is your next level. This is where we really get into and say, “Who do I want to be? What kind of impact can I really make in the world and through that journey to all the way to a Team Coach or an Enterprise Coach.” The self transformation mastery skills that you learn, and the community that you connect with of other coaches trying to transform the world of work, I think is probably the most powerful thing in my own learning journey. And that has made me who I am today.

Michael De La Maza 

So what I think is really important is the understanding that Agile Coaching takes place all of the time, at work, with the family, with people at the grocery store. So I often ask that question, “So how does agile show up in your life? How does coaching show up in your life?” So I like the idea for an Agile Coach to be something that we’re doing all the time or being all the time.

Cherie Silas 

My hopes for the Scrum Alliance coaching program is that it would be more recognized in the industry. And that just like the CSM and CSPO certifications, people would understand what these coaching certifications are and that it’s a path to their success and their growth, and that they would really look towards becoming a CTC or CEC.

Michael De La Maza 

My hope for the coaching programs is that they become the gold standard for Agile Coaching around the world. And that everyone understands that when they’re asking for an Agile Coach, they need to also ask for certain criteria. So, Scrum Alliance then becomes the arbiter of those criteria and helps grow the field of Agile Coaching so that it becomes just like any other long standing profession.

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