Scrum Alliance Coach – Organizational Value

by Cherie Silas

In these videos brought to you by Scrum Alliance and its Agile Coaches they discuss what Scrum Alliance Coach is all about, what the benefits of becoming one are, and how you can start on that long journey.

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You decided to become a Scrum Alliance Coach and are thrilled about the personal benefits and the journey. But what about the organizations that will hire you? What is in it for them?

Henry Dittmer 

The reason to hire a certified enterprise coach from Scrum Alliance is the fact that those kind of folks have a skill set that helped the organization see the whole system and see where the system might need some adjustment or even some major renovations as opposed to being in the system where you get lost into the inner workings of that system.

John Miller 

You know, the value of the journey of starting with your Certified Scrum Master or Certified Scrum product owner, and then growing on that journey, then becoming a Certified Scrum Professional in that it’s like, “What’s next? How can I really make change?” And that’s where you know a Certified Team Coach from Scrum Alliance and Certified Enterprise Coach is there to say we’re now we’re really about transformation. And not only that organization transformation or team transformation, but your own transformation.

Jake Calabrese 

All the enterprise coaches, I know all the CECs that I know at Scrum Alliance. You know, that’s what people care about. People care about helping people, helping organizations and that’s the real value. And, frankly, if anybody comes in and says, “Hey, we can just solve your problems,” you need to be skeptical of that.

Angel Diaz-Maroto 

It is that 360 degrees work that requires a person that is capable to either talk to teams and also interact with top level executives.

Evelyn Tian 

Scrum Alliance Certified Enterprise Coach gave you that community feeling where you can actively learn and share among each other and it is a journey of continuous improvement.

Brock Argue 

I would say we’re seeing it everywhere. Scrum is really spreading in the industry or in the world of work, I guess. It’s we’re starting to see it show up in education, in government, in nonprofit organizations, in hospitals and healthcare, and so it’s kind of going everywhere right now.

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