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ICAgile – Facilitation Bootcamp (ATF + LS)


Take your facilitator’s skills to the next level with a powerful facilitation bootcamp. Make collaboration effective & fun for your group!

About this event

Join Dana Pylayeva as she teaches this newest offering in partnership with Tandem Coaching Academy.

This bootcamp is a dream come true for any Scrum Master or an Agile coach, who wants level up their facilitation game and receive industry recognized ICP-ATF certification from ICAgile.

PART 1: (ICP-ATF) Agile Team Facilitation workshop

Up to 14 SEU (Scrum Education Units)

Start with Tandem Coaching Academy’s popular (ICP-ATF) Agile Team Facilitation workshop and learn how to be an effective facilitator in the agile context. Same great content, now in 4 convenient evening sessions (3.5h each).

Experience powerful facilitation techniques and learn the principles for:

  1. Setting the ground for collaboration and holding a space for new ideas to emerge.
  2. Facilitating problem solving and decision making in teams.
  3. Facilitating collaboration and participation equally well in face-to-face as well as remote meeting.
  4. Organizing and facilitating impactful Agile meeting.
  5. Tailoring your facilitation for various teams’ maturity levels.

You will have some serious fun in this class, while packing your facilitator’s toolbox with new agile games, basic Liberating Structures and Mural design tips.

PART 2: Liberating Structures Deep Dive

Up to 15 SEU (Scrum Education Units)

Continue expanding your facilitation range and deepening your learning of effective workshop designs with Virtual Liberating Structures Deep Dive.

Completely re-designed to introduce you to a variety of Liberating Structures for coaching/facilitating in groups of any size, and any experience level.

Over the next 4 evenings, you will:

  1. Experience and learn to facilitate 14 Liberating Structures + 3 Punctuations from the collection of 33+ Liberating Structures created by Keith McCandless and Henry Lipmanowicz.
  2. Explore how to adapt these structures for virtual, face-to-face and hybrid facilitation needs.
  3. Collaborate with others, design your own Liberating Structures workshops in our Design Jam, get feedback from your instructor, and bring back a re-imagined design for your next meeting, training or a strategy session for powerful collaboration, impact and results!
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