An Invitation to Coaching the Agile Enterprise

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Co-Authors Michael de la Maza and Cherie Silas are excited to be collaborating on this project and would love to share thoughts with you for feedback. 

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An Invitation to Coaching the Agile Enterprise is a collection of perspectives from two experienced Certified Enterprise Coaches that addresses not just the technicalities of coaching an organization through an agile transformation, but the mindset the enterprise coach must employ for success. We expect this to be a book that endures the test of time because it focuses on the human side of agile transformation rather than current fads, scaling models, practices, and processes. The learnings gained in this book will help people to become coaches not just perform the actions of coaching.

There is a large gap between how to work coaching at the team level and coaching large organizations. This book fills that gap. This book is not about scaling frameworks, it’s about helping companies change from the inside out over time and recognizing the complexity and difficulty of that task. This book will take an honest look at what it means when a client says they want to adopt agile and how the reality that the decisions they make along the way impact their ability to be successful.

The work of agile transformation is difficult and little success has been seen in the industry though much noise has been made about the work. Buzzwords are showing up in job descriptions and resumes overnight because agile coaching has become a fad – but the concern is that the qualifications, experience, expertise, and competency of these coaches has not risen to meet the challenge.

Key Topic Coverage: Will not revisit the fundamental theory of scrum or describe how to methodically perform the agile transformation. It will describe the mindset of a powerful agile coach, the system the coach works with, partnering with the system for change, and enabling cultural agility. People are looking for more guidance in how to do this work and how to work with the systems that need change.

An Invitation to Coaching the Agile Enterprise looks at coaching agile enterprises through four distinct viewpoints: 1) Who you are as a coach, 2) Seeing the system you coach, 3) How you interact with the system you coach, 3) Common success patterns of coaching agile enterprises

Reader Benefits:

How will this book help the reader? 

[1] Be able to understand the mindset and thinking process of an agile coach

[2] Have an understanding of systems theory and the impact on their work in coaching organizations

[3] Feel more confident about their ability to work as an agile coach

[4] Understand common enablers of cultural agility and success patterns that they can help organizations integrate

[5] Gain clarity about the differences between Scrum adoption, agile adoption, and agile transformation

[6] Learn models for approaching coaching in agile environments

Co-Authors Michael de la Maza and Cherie Silas are excited to be collaborating on this project and would love to share thoughts with you for feedback. If you would like to receive periodic updates, sneak peeks into content, and access to pre-release options please sign up here to be on our contact list. Our goal is to release this book in early 2021 and we are looking forward to collaborating with you to receive early feedback.

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