Lynn Harrison

Lynn Harrison

In today’s world, leaders deal with an unprecedented pace of change, the need for continuous innovation, and responsibility for managing a profitable business. The demands come from all sides. It’s like trying to keep thousands of spinning plates in the air.

As a high-level executive, you know that to achieve this; you need to engage the hearts and minds of your people, providing an environment in which teams flourish. But it can be difficult to find the time to even think about leadership, to explore and understand the needs of your people, and to help them grow.

It’s like a catch-22 situation.

You know you need to invest in yourself to become a better leader, yet you hesitate because you are already overscheduled.

You know to create great results through and with others and make the impact you know your company can make, you have to keep developing your leadership skills.

As a former business leader myself and coach to many highly successful executives, I understand that leadership doesn’t just happen on its own. However, with attention, support, and a willingness to try new things, it can thrive, not only in the leader receiving coaching but in others impacted by the leader’s behaviour.

Leaders shape cultures. When leaders change for the better, so does the world.

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