Jo Fourtanier

Joanne Fourtanier

I am a professional coach & supervisor with 20 years experience in helping individuals, teams, business leaders, and other professionals raise their confidence, efficiency, and performance through a better understanding of themselves and others. I have over 20 years of business experience leading companies & teams, and as a consultant & trainer in areas such as authentic leadership, team management & collective intelligence, action learning, and co-development cultures.

My approach is person-centred & psychodynamic and I help clients identify their values, needs, priorities & preferences, and understand the impact these elements have on their own behaviour & performance, as well as that of others. Through raised self-awareness of how we function as individuals, team-members, managers, and leaders, as well as the impact our behaviour has on those around us, the work I do with clients then focuses on reinforcing the areas in which they function effectively, and developing the areas they feel need to address.