Alicia R. McLain

Alicia R. McLain

I am a professional coach and I work with organizational leaders to build cultures of accountability & greater agility.

I do this by connecting people, teams and organizations to their vision for agility. I connect individuals to teams, teams to organizations, and organizations to their mission, vision and positive core. I have a sense about organizational systems and how people relate and thrive in them.

I am a solo-preneur and this is my 3.0. Back in 2002 I began my 1.0, and during that time, after a sabbatical from my technical career, I did interesting work in conflict resolution, workplace mediation and diversity training. Since then, I’ve learned, gained skills, developed my professional purpose and honed my superpowers.

My TOP 5 StrengthFinder #SuperPowers:

1. IDEATION: Finding connections
2. COMMUNICATION: Putting thoughts into words
3. ACTIVATOR: Turning thoughts into action
4. STRATEGIC: Finding creative alternatives
5. MAXIMIZER: Focus on strengths

The name of my company, Operational Innovations, came from my vision of operational excellence. I believe the systems in which we work should support, not impede. Sometimes a second set of eyes can help us see the things we need to see. Or sometimes a skilled coach can help us find the answers we’ve been seeking. I have a keen sense for spotting and eliminating waste in organizations.

It is my mission to (re)connect leaders to their vision, to build agility, develop high performing teams and to create organizations and cultures where people want to work!

I am an executive and leadership coach, a learning facilitator and public speaker.

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AKA/Misspellings: Alisha McLain, Alicia McClain, Alicia McClean

Specialties: Agile organizational transformation, change management, executive and leadership coaching, expert training experiences, public speaking

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