Supporting Employees The Agile Way

by Alex Kudinov

Interested In an Agile HR Class?

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Lucia Baldelli  Hi, today we want to talk about how HR professionals can understand the employee’s perspective of the workplace. More importantly, how they can not just understand but also realize what we want their perspective to be. And this is important because if we design the organization to be a place where people want to be, then they will deliver amazing products, and, therefore, more profit for us.

Karen Bruns  That sounds awesome but…how can HR understand what people need, what their dreams are, what their pain points are?

Lucia Baldelli  There is actually a technique called empathy mapping that comes to help. I’ve used empathy mapping a lot with product teams and it’s a collaborative visualization tool used to articulate what we know about a particular type of users. Now, HR professionals can use this technique, and the use of this time is an employee, and they can create a shared understanding of their needs, and have decision making based on what they want. Imagine an environment where you can cre–that you can create if you consider an empathy map for your employees. In our class, we’re going to teach how to use empathy mapping to identify employee satisfaction, starting from some of the things that employees see, hear, say, or do, and the ‘why’ of it all. So we can begin to design an organization that is worthy of the people.

Karen Bruns  That sounds amazing but it also sounds like you’re saying that HR isn’t just about hiring and firing them; it’s really more about supporting an employee their whole journey in the organization.

Lucia Baldelli  Exactly! As we were talking in our previous video, HR can run these workshops collaboratively involving employees so they–so that they can truly understand them, and use this information to shape employees’ journey in the organization, and make the organization happier place for their people. 

Karen Bruns  That sounds amazing. So listen, folks, if you want to know more about what Lucia talked about today, you’re more than welcome to join our next AHR class. Check down below this video for the link. See you next time. Bye

Lucia Baldelli  Bye.

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