A-CSM Certification

You got your CSM a couple of years ago. Wasn’t it exciting? The class was amazing, the world seemed to be full of possibilities and you could do everything and anything!

And then the life happened.

The world of command and control struck back. You quickly hit the limits of your knowledge and capabilities. And now you face the seemingly insurmountable organizational problems. The teams seem to be going through the motions of checking the boxes in their Scrum events. Your bosses are on your back for the lack of progress. You are stressed and confused. The pressure is coming from everywhere and you fear for your job. Oh, and on top of that you hear that “this agile thing never works.”

We have been there. We saw similar things occurring across industries and organizations. We felt same fear and confusion. And we heard the same, “this agile thing doesn’t work” too. And we failed. And failed again. And then we succeeded. And succeeded again in turning things around, in finding ways to tackle the problems, to introduce change, to make things better for ourselves, our teams, and the organizations.

Let us help and become a part of your life-long learning journey. Gain valuable learnings with us that you can use immediately.

We will share our own experiences, knowledge, and skills to help you acquire confidence in your own abilities. Bring your most complex problems to live group sessions with like-minded life-long learners and a Guide Level advisor for discussions and advice.

Have the freedom to complete this next step of your journey at your own pace, not sacrificing your family time. You will be empowered to stay in charge of your results and own your learnings and outcomes.

Sign up for our virtual self-paced A-CSM class, complete all lessons, exercises, assignments, and quizzes. Learn better facilitation techniques to tackle most hard organizational impediments and navigate toxic team communication. Internalize Agile values and principles to understand that “this Agile thing actually works”. Join and participate in 4 live mentoring sessions with your peers and a Scrum Alliance Guide level advisor.

Upon completion of the course you will attain the coveted Scrum Alliance A-CSM designation, improve your standing amongst the peers and colleagues, feel empowered with newly acquired knowledge and confident in your abilities to tackle those problems. You will be able to make a visible, sustainable, and long-lasting impact on your teams, colleagues, organizations, and community.

Quit facing same problems day in and day out, spinning your wheels, facing stress, fear, and confusion. Sign up for our A-CSM class and take charge of your future today!