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Coaching for YearUp Students

Professional Coaching for people who are entering or re-entering the professional work force is designed to help them navigate the uncertainty of transitioning into unknown territory.

Coaching is intended to help them think strategically about short- and long-term planning and decision making. It can be valuable to new professionals learning how to navigate a different culture and professional relationships.

Coaching can he helpful when learning to engage in collaboration and manage conflict in the workplace. It gives clients a safe and confidential space to share thoughts, ideas, feelings, successes, and failures in order to debrief and learn through self reflection.

Professional Coaching focuses on increasing confidence and executive presence, negotiating salary and job offers, and creating and self-development plan for career goals.

Tandem Coaching Academy partners with Scrum.org to provide free professional coaching to YearUp students.

Interested in exploring how professional coaching can help you move your career forward? Leave your information below and we will contact you soon to discuss your options!


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