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Coaching Random Thoughts #9 - No Random Questions

No Random Questions

So I heard this thing over the last couple of weeks from a few people, namely, some of our students are telling me is that,

Coaching Random Thoughts #8 - Engaged Neutrality

Engaged Neutrality

Hi, I’m Cherie Silas. I’m a Master Certified Coach and a Certified Enterprise coach. And the focus of my work is helping Scrum masters, agile

HR Suppoting Employees the Agile Way

Supporting Employees The Agile Way

Lucia Baldelli and Karen Bruns are talking about how HR professionals can understand the employee’s perspective of the workplace. More importantly how they can understand and realize what we want their perspective to be.

Agile HR Manifesto

Agile HR Manifesto

Agile Manifesto that we’ve all come to know and love does talk about the people piece. However, the Agile for HR manifesto takes it a little bit deeper. It takes a look at things like collaborative networks, transparency, adaptability, inspiration, and engagement, intrinsic motivation and ambition.

Agile HR - What's Agile HR

What Does Agile HR Mean?

What’s the HR role in agility, in shaping agility, for an organization and there’s a few examples that maybe we could discuss together, Karen, on what HR could do differently to help improve the agility of an organization.

Coaching Random Thoughts

Why Not Ask Why

Amongst the family of powerful questions the Why questions have their special spot. They are both extremely powerful, used correctly, and extremely dangerous. In this episode of the Coaching Random Thoughts, Alex Kudinov explores the ups and downs of using the why questions in your coaching and everyday conversations.

Coaching Teams - Coaching Tools & Tips - Miloš Zeković

Coaching Teams with Causal Loop Diagrams

Cherie Silas, MCC, CEC is introducing our Coaching Tools & Tips Meetup audience to the practice of reflective coaching supervision, that is dubbed as coaching for coaches.

What Is Adaptive Leadership Anyway? - Bryan Miles

What Is Adaptive Leadership Anyway?

In this workshop, Brian Miles explores how leaders create environments that navigate the complexity of interpersonal relationships, overcome the human element of barriers to change, and support the growth and engagement of their employees.