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Tandem Coaching Academy and Heart Healthy Scrum were honored to host Elena Vassilieva in April 2019 with the topic “Virtual Reality in Agile Coaching”

Which Scrum Event Is the Most Important?


“Which Scrum event is the most important? Explain your choice?” is one of those typical interview questions I have experienced from potential peers or hiring managers.

Sometimes, you are even forced to choose one and explain. Sometimes, I hear people saying that the Sprint Retrospective is the most important event because that’s when you get to identify improvements or that is when learning happens. I disagree with this absoluteness and I will be addressing this later in this article.

Why Face-to-Face Communication Is Not Thinking


The Agile community is very big on face-to-face communication, and rightly so. I believe that the Agile movement’s preference for face-to-face is a reaction to the 1990s era trend toward thick documents, whose authors – often consultants – had left the building, leaving programmers with impenetrable specifications that often contained inconsistencies and were too vague to be useful. The Agile movement also emphasized that one cannot create a complete spec up front.

Why Neuroscience of change and Mental Agility are crucial skills if you are a Change Consultant, Agile Coach, Scrum Master, or HR


When leaders ask me “Will Kanban or the Scrum framework work here?“, the most important thing I want to address is the leader’s implicit premise that the framework will be getting better outcomes than in other competing companies. There is also something that needs to be considered here… Is this going to be sustainable? There is more to improving processes than just implementing new processes, and this is where mental agility can come in handy.

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