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How to Build and Sustain Organizational Resilience


After reading the Gallup Group’s article “Remote Agile: Sustain Performance While Working Remotely” a few things floated up in my mind. To keep those things from bouncing around too much, I thought I’d write them down and share them out.

In case you haven’t read the article, here are Gallup’s key points and recommendations for sustaining performance for remote and distributed teams at a glance.

How to Decline a Stakeholder’s Request Without Pissing Them Off


By the end of this article, you can decline requests from stakeholders to keep your backlog clean and manageable. Your stakeholders will understand why you reject their requests without being annoyed or pissed off. That will strengthen your role as a Product Owner, and you gain respect and trust.

I Am Your Agile Coach, But I Don’t Notice You


It’s time that I break my FOBR (Fear of Being Redundant) streak and write about what’s been on my mind for a while.

A few months back my mentor and co-owner of the leading coaching academy in the Agile Coaching and coaching worlds, Cherie Silas mentioned that people like being noticed during one of her advanced coaching classes I was lucky to be invited to. I knew that I was in the right class because everyone there was smarter and more experienced than me. A proof of this was that when I asked about the importance of people being noticed, everyone else seemed to be bored with the subject.

Key Mindset Changes for the New Remote Manager


Having always pictured yourself with your team around you, seeing them every day, checking that they’re okay, overhearing conversations that reassure you that everything is in order, it must have come as a shock to find yourself completely disconnected from team members overnight – knowing that they are dealing with new challenges too, as you all pull together to go up a very steep learning curve.

And while the last few months have been interesting (ok, I mean challenging) for knowledge workers, they’ve also brought new challenges for those of us already working remotely. This kind of remote work is not what anyone was used to, and it’s not what anyone wished for.

Kickstart a New Scrum Team


In this article, I would like to share my experience on how I facilitated a kick-start/kick-off session for a team that is assembled for a new project at DPL.

Kick-start is important for any team therefore all the activities under the kick-start must be researched and prepared well enough to have the right impact on the team.

By keeping in mind, the importance and the impact of Kick-start, I started to prepare a week before the event. I spent a lot of time researching and finding out how best I can deliver the session? What should be the key ingredients? What activities should be included? How much do teams need to know about agile/scrum before they “go”? What do they need to know about each other and bout the product to be built?


The past decade of Digital change has been one of disruption. Uncertainty, VUCA, Complexity have emerged as new concepts in business. Leadership had to adapt, notably with agility. But who would have predicted what happened in 2020 and the pandemic? The world seems to have turned upside down in a matter of weeks. Change is inevitable, or businesses shut down. It is also a time to explore new possibilities. This talk will explore how good leadership through the crisis is in fact no more than great Agile leadership: Developing autonomy, promoting alignment, creating strategic clarity and keeping collaboration going by creating remote first working practices.

Metaphorical thinking (Using plants, eels, birds for reflections!)


Story telling using metaphors has proven to be  instrumental in creating an impact along with  long lasting  memories. If you are keen to know more about metaphors then here is a post for you.

Analogies are based on stories and metaphors are built on these analogies. Try narrating personal encounters using metaphors and experience how the audience can relate to your stories.

Metaphors offer exceptional ways to communicate ideas naturally.  The crux lies in selecting an appropriate metaphor that resonates with your audience. Metaphors invoke creative part of  brain that is stimulated by visual illustrations.

My Inner Game : Embarking a Personal Transformation Journey


After working in Agile Transformation engagements closely over past few years one aspect which always fascinated me was the need of having ‘Professional Coaching tool’ to strengthen my journey.

Being an internal Agile Coach and working with Teams/People and Leadership closely, quite often I felt Professional Coaching would be a valuable addition to my ‘Coaching’ toolkit. Considering the future outlook was looking to take up Professional Coaching training program for last year and half.

OKR: Narrowing The Gap Between “O” And “KR”


OKRs (Objectives & Key Results) – they could be your best friend or your worst enemy.

Albert Einstein once wrote on a blackboard: “Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts. [source]” This usually applies to things that people like to measure. But what does this have to do with OKRs?

OKR – is a way to measure how your initially set [strategic] objectives translate into results, at various organizational levels.  With OKRs, there also come numbers, metrics, calculations, RAGs, etc.


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