Best Agile Articles of 2019

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Most of you have probably seen the video ‘How wolves change rivers’ (it’s embedded below). It famously describes how the reintroduction of wolves into Yellowstone national park changes the entire ecosystem. It triggers changes in deer behavior, which in turn allows vegetation to regrow, which eventually even changes the course of the rivers in the park. It is a powerful story of how you can


If you start with Agile, one of the first things you typically do is come up with a team. And yes of course, the team will be cross-functional. But what’s actually meant with cross-functionality? At first people (in software) understand this as different kind of developers (e.g. backend & front end experts) and also testers are working together on the same features / user stories. And, there is even some business knowledge in the team through the product owner. That is fine, but this is only a start. In fact, if you check with the Agile Fluency™ Model this is the first shift for your agile journey and is called the ‘Team Culture Shift’.

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