Ed Wisniowski

Ed Wisniowski

Ed Wisniowski is an experienced software development veteran. Ed has come through the ranks as a junior developer to architect; he has seen the good, bad, and ugly of how software projects are managed. In 2009, he discovered agile and scrum techniques and has acted as an evangelist for the approach since. He is currently a Certified Scrum Professional – Scrum Master and Certified Scrum Professional – Product Owner. He completed his Master’s Degree in 2010 with his dissertation comparing traditional project management techniques with agile methods. He is currently working on earning his Certified Team Coach from the Scrum Alliance.

Mr. Wisniowski has presented at the Agile2018 Conference and has given presentations with the Agile Coaching Exchange. He is currently leading efforts to begin a chapter of the Agile Coaching Exchange in Chicago.

Mr. Wisniowski specializes in improving product ownership at organizations, using metrics to track outcomes over outputs, helping developers become better artisans, and attempting to scale agile in organizations.

Mr. Wisniowski currently lives in outside Chicago with his houseplants, hundreds of compact discs, and thousands of toy soldiers. He is always open for a board game, good food, and craft cocktails.

About Best Agile Articles Project

Best Agile Articles is a collaborative project of the Agile community to bring you the best of the best publications each year. Our goal in publishing these yearly editions is to cull through the many articles that are published each year and provide you with a curated set of high-quality articles that capture the latest knowledge and experience of the agile community in one compact volume.
Our purpose is twofold. First, we understand that it’s hard to figure out where to go when looking for ideas and answers. There are thousands of blogs, videos, books and other resources available at the click of a mouse. But that can be a lot to sort through. So, we thought we could be of some help. Second, we wanted to bring some visibility to many people who are doing outstanding work in this field and are providing helpful resources. We hope that this publication will help them connect to you, the ones they are writing for.
Our intention is that this publication is to be by the agile community as a service to the agile community and for the agile community. With that in mind, we pulled together a great group of volunteers to help get this work into your hands.

The articles in this volume were selected by:
• A diverse Volunteer Committee of sixteen people with expertise in a variety of areas related to agile.
• The agile community. A call for article nominations went out in early 2020 and several dozen 2019 articles were nominated by the community.

The articles themselves cover a wide variety of topics including organizational structure, culture, and agile leadership. There is something for almost everyone here. All editions of the Best Agile Articles publication are available on Amazon and free to download on the Best Agile Article site.
We are thankful for the great participation by the agile community at large. If you would like to participate in delivering this publication in future years, we would welcome hearing from you.

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