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Hiring in the Virtualized World

Hiring in the Virtualized World

Karen Bruns, an ICAgile AHR Instructor, shares her thoughts on the hiring in the virtualized world and how ICAgile class can help

What Is Adaptive Leadership Anyway? - Bryan Miles

What Is Adaptive Leadership Anyway?

In this workshop, Brian Miles explores how leaders create environments that navigate the complexity of interpersonal relationships, overcome the human element of barriers to change, and support the growth and engagement of their employees.

Brock Argue & Erkan Kadir - Integrated Agile - Best Agile Articles Conference

Integrated Agile

Brock and Erkan are exploring the interplay between Waterfall and Agile, and how organizations can manage the resulting dynamics to their benefit. They introduce the concept of Polarity Management, which can be used to get the most out of any change effort. They also discuss a new concept called Integrated Agile, which aims to help organizations leverage the upsides of both Waterfall and Agile.

Heidi Araya - Growing your Agile Team - Best Agile Articles Q32020

Growing your Agile Team

Heidi discusses the criteria for hiring a great agile team and for growing a more high-performing team; drawing from experience from her extensive background in teamwork and collaboration, and pulling from sources such as the Google Aristotle study, Patrick Lencioni’s Five Dysfunctions of a Team, Stanley McChrystal’s Team of Teams, and others.

Coaching Winning Agile Teams - Best Agile Articles Online Conference - Allison Pollard

Agile Coaching for Winning Teams

Best Agile Articles Conference is a Quarterly event where Best of the Best Authors share their wisdom. We were thrilled to host Allison Pollard.

Coaching Tools & Tips - Kemmy Raji

Creating Learning Environments

Kemmi Raji explains the way organizations go about creating learning environments and the impact it has on their performance