Month: February 2021

Coaching through Infertility with Pradeepa Narayanaswamy

Coaching through Infertility with Pradeepa Narayanaswamy

Miscarriage is a loss-why should it be treated like any other loss? Right now it’s not – in most organizations. What kind of support and conversations that can be had in organizations to clear the taboo about infertility? How can a manager have a conversation or support someone in their team going through infertility? As a colleague or friend, how can you support someone with infertility? When you meet someone new in your organization, here is a question you don’t ask.

Managing Client Focus, Session Time

ICF Core Competencies: Managing Client Focus, Session Time, and Relationship Completion

Every coaching conversation begins with the client’s agenda and focus. The client holds the content, and the coach holds the process. Together they partner to make progress towards the client’s goals. The goal of coaching is to create client awareness. It is more important that the client learn and make progress toward the goals outlined at the beginning of the conversation than it is to get to the end, ring the bell and say, “We did it!”

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