Month: January 2014

Appreciation in workplace

Appreciation in the Workplace – The Language of Value

The appreciation languages aren’t just about saying thank you to people for things they have done.  The language of appreciation is actually the language of value.  It is how we communicate our value to others, it is how we know others view us as valuable, and it is how we know that others desire the value that we have to contribute.

Thank you note

The Language of Appreciation in the Workplace

I’m a consultant.  Working with one of my current clients as an enterprise agile coach I’ve been thinking a lot about the impact that appreciation has on an organization’s success.  As an enterprise coach I am responsible for, on average, 40 teams.  (Read my last post on “Scaling the Agile Coach” to find out how I’ve been able to successfully scale this role to be able to coach this many teams.)

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